Meet the Pilot

Captain Andy Wilkins your pilot for the day started flying in his teens, starting with gliding at the Cambridge University gliding club operating out of Duxford airfield.


After becoming frustrated with waiting for the UK weather to provide longer than 10 minutes gliding in the air, Andy soon moved on to take his powered licence. After many years of having his own business, wishing he could be up in the air rather than sitting in an office, he took the plunge to become a full blown commercial pilot inspired and encouraged by John Hutchinson a famous Concord pilot. He has flown many commercial aircraft including Airbus and Boeing for Thomson Airways.


Andy’s first love is teaching people to fly so a few years were spent building up his own flying school. As part of this he recently purchased James May’s Super Decathlon Aircraft which is fully aerobatic to allow the instruction of full blown aerobatics.


With Andy you will be in safe hands during your experience as he will use his 18000 hours of flying to provide you with some fantastic views to photograph. A keen photographer himself he fully understands the requirements from a photographer, some of his own work is featured on the website.  

Meet the Photographer

Chris Perrett is a UK based professional photographer with 40 years experience  specialising in the commercial and advertising world.

He uses the latest digital technology enabling him to capture and then to enhance the images using his vast experience in all areas of post production and retouching.


Chris has worked for world renowned Flying Pictures an aerial filming company and has photographed from Helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and hot air balloons.


He is also passionate about nature and wildlife photography, travelling

all across the world to destinations including Costa Rica, South Africa, 

Botswana and Borneo.  This has enabled him to experience and capture 

moments as diverse as tropical thunderstorms to wild animals in their natural habitat.


While still being very busy with his commercial and wildlife work Chris

still finds time to enjoy teaching and sharing his enthusiasm in all

aspects of photography.